Course on Port Management

la ciudad portuaria

The connection between port and city nowadays is completely different from the one we had years ago: an isolated and delimitated geographic area with monofunctional structures.

This course will help us understand the port dynamics without forgetting its urban dimension. We will study in depth this port reality to see how really close and economically interdependent it is with the city’s commercial and financial relationships, the territory, the business location, the port employment and the industries inside and in the surrounding of the port.

Finally, we will see how the ports functions expand in such a globalized world as todays. The port helps to establish connection between regional, national and international activities and the city’s government. The port and municipal service administrators have to cooperate between them to fulfil the necessities of their common client. Summing up, port and city become one in order to build stronger connections around the world.


ciudad portuaria imagen