Objectives and Skills

bimetic ord maderaEnvironment and welfare are two concepts that remains intimately linked to sustainable growth. On numerous occasions, welfare increase is at odds with the environment respect, so knowing the activity associated with both sectors would facilitate the search for solutions that help to improve that sustainable growth.

The BIMeTIC Master's Degree aims are the following: to train in ICT tools; not only engineers and graduate, but also its users; to encourage entrepreneurship in these areas of work; and to promote access to Ph.D. programs.

The Dublin Descriptors, the various frames of reference, among which are the principles contained in the Real Decreto1393/2007, and the set of basic and generic skills set by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) have been taken into account in order to establish the competencies to be acquired by the graduated students of the BIMeTIC master's degree. They are contained in the Reglamento para la Elaboración de Títulos Oficiales of the ULPGC

The General Skills of the BIMeTIC Master are:

  • Ability to know and evaluate the services and applications of information transport networks that intertwine the information sources, databases and user interfaces.

  • Ability to understand and evaluate the infrastructures and standards that make up an idea or project of welfare and environment control.

  • Ability to learn and apply techniques for signal processing used in data understanding and in welfare and environment control.

  • Knowing, designing and evaluating, technically and economically, an idea or project in the area of welfare and environment control.


More detailed information on objectives and competencies can be found in the VERIFICA of the BIMeTIC, found in the Documents section.