3rd Meeting of CAEMP

On November 11th, 2011, the 3rd meeting of the Business Advisory Committee (CAEMP) of the IDeTIC was held at the IDeTIC premises in the Science and Technology Park of Tafira. During the workday, the CAEMP members received the activities documentation and the strategic lines developed over the past year by the IDeTIC, proposals or suggestions that CAEMP expressly referred to the Idetic at the previous meeting were reviewed and new strategies future were raised. Descriptively and according to the most relevant aspects, the contents set by the IDeTIC Administration were the following:

1. Projects: the set of and the lines of projects, including those that impact or relevance are more significant were presented. They distinguished between new initiatives and other already consolidated.

2. Training: BIMeTIC Master was presented, stressing the objective of transversal training it poses.

3. Strengthening the cooperation with private entities for the effective support of technology transfer: is one of the most important objectives in the medium and long- term for IDeTIC as a means of achieving the following:

-Commercial exploitation of market products generated in the IDeTIC.

- Labor Consolidation of the staff formed in the Institute.

- As a vehicle to articulate the creation of technology-based companies from a more flexible environment.

4. External Outreach: Following the CAEMP 2010recommendations, it has continued to carry visibility aspects, where among all actions undoubtedly the ISS Contact 2011 broke all records globally at the ULPGC.

5. Summary of the scientific production and economic raising: the main numbers were presented in both fields.


3reunioncaempCAEMP Members during the third meeting.


In this third edition, the initial assessment that the CAEMP made on the development plan this year is positive. It is observed that by the IDeTIC Administration is working to implement the recommendations detailed by the CAEMP in last edition. Regarding the recommendations it is followed, namely:



1. The CAEMP believes that communication and participation in professional forums should be a key objective. The catalog of projects, lines, services and products should be clear and ordered.

2. It needs to get the IDeTIC heard on more abroad for their participation in international consortia. The internationalization of sources should be the goal, starting to boost the markets it’s already involved in, such as Europe and Latin America, and seriously considering the option of Africa.



3. The effort is valued and it is considered that the focus of the BIMeTIC is correct. The incorporation of companies through collaborations practices, scholarships…, is recommended as a successful strategy.

4. The presence of companies should be exploited in all the distribution channels that will be generated for the Master, especially on the web.

5. As for the master internationalization, it is considered that at least, in the initial phase should be directed to Latin America.



6. This type of solution is seen as a driving force for chance and incentive for IDeTIc not steady staff and it prevents the impermanent staff not to be able to feel unmotivated due to an unclear future.

7. It is also positive for the partner companies since the IDeTIC will have an alternative resource to respond their demands.