The Canary touristic sector modernization and improvement depends not only of the new constructions, but also mainly of the upgrade and refurbishment of the already build hotels. This is essential in such a limited territory where many of the present buildings are endangered because their service loses competitiveness. Tourism is an important strategical sector not only in the Canary Islands, but also in many other destinations such as Latin America or the Caribbean.

The touristic sector generates directly or indirectly a great index of economic activity, that is why many public administrations invest in this project.

This modernization is only possible by applying technology because modernization requires not only aspects related to construction, but it also must take into account energy sustainability, access improvements and such new paradigms as monitoring though Internet. So this type of work can only be carried out by a trained team composed of architects ans specialist in sustainability and information technology.

Moreover, it is necessary for this team to know the types of installation and clients models because it is the way this sector coexist with in its environment and, also, because hotels are seen more and more not only as a mere accommodation, but also a hub in the touristic sector.

Taken all these ideas into account, ULPGC offers an Official Master Arquitectura y Acondicionamiento con Tecnología de Comunicaciones para hoteles sustentables (ARCHITECTURE AND EQUIPMENT WITH COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES FOR SUSTAINABLE HOTELS1) in which different institutions cooperate, such as the Escuela de Arquitectura (College of Arquitecture), the Instituto Universitario para el Desarrollo Tecnológico y la Innovación en las Comunicaciones (IDeTIC) (University Institute for the Technological Development and Innovation in Comunication) and the Instituto Universitario de Turismo y Desarrollo Económico Sostenible (TIDES) (University Institute for Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development). The Master focuses in the necessity to upgrade the installations in the touristic sector, especially the application of technical procedures related to the architectonic and urban development. This way a multidisciplinary technical equipment generation can be promoted thanks to a professional work whose main aim is to find a synergy that can give a better result. What is more, this Master gives you access to the PhD programme Economía, Internet y Tecnología de las Comunicaciones (Economy, Internet and Communication Technology2).


(1) Professional Master approved in February 2015 by ANECA (National Agency for the Quality Evaluation and Accreditation)

(2) Needs verification by ANECAwith impartation expected as from the year 2015-16.


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