2nd Meeting of CAEMP

The 2nd meeting of the Business Advisory Committee (CAEMP) of IDeTIC was held on October 29th, 2010.

resumen caemp 2010 small

The CAEMP before beginning its session shows a double satisfaction. The first one refers to maintaining this external self-assessment initiative, and the second one refers to having come true the transformation of the CeTIC into a University Institute with the highest grade in its national assessment. It urges the IDeTIC to hold the line on voluntary self-assessment, and to be independent of the university structures.

In this second session the CAEMP presented the following conclusions and recommendations:


  • The committee favorably appreciates that the IDeTIC has generated a catalog of clearly differentiated products from a catalog of capabilities. It is thus transmitted to the industrial sector, a clearer image between what is available and what is potential.

  • It has been also detected an improvement in the organization and internal structure of the Institute, focused on efficiency.

  • The lack of a communication instrument to know how to transmit the business plan is also detected.

  • Within the IDeTIC there are not clear entrepreneurs and business management profiles. It is needed to generate awareness of sales and marketing, while promoting and increasing IDeTIC external visibility.

  • With regard to the training part which can bring the Institute, it is intended to contact professional associations, where they can measure their needs. The committee proposes some outlines of potential interest.

  • The CAEMP appreciates that in Canary there is a window of opportunity for the IDeTIC, in order to lead the development and launching of a long-term real strategy, combining the goals, interests and priorities of IDeTIC with the treated options by the Committee (Technology Centre, EBT, Living Lab, Masters, etc.).


Imagen2CAEMP Members during the second meeting.