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The IDeTIC activity in 2012 is reflected in its most relevant figures which are gathered here, both in the scientific and transfer of technology fields.


With regard to the scientific production, the Institute generated 87 publications, of which 68 are international and they have been allocated in 18 journal articles, 30 conferences and 20 books and book chapters.


In 2012, the number of research and technology transfer projects undertaken by the Institute was a total of 23 projects: four are international, 12 are national and nine are regional. The total budget allocated to active projects is the amount of € 2, 2 million, of which some 721.000 correspond exclusively to the activity of 2012.




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In the context of the evolution of income, a gradual fall of revenues can be observed since 2007. However, it has been slowed down in the year 2012 with a slight increase of 6% compared to 2011. The origin of this drop is mainly concentrated in technology transfer income - especially in the industrial sector. The transfer of technology has been dampened in recent years, with an increase in fund-raising in national public calls and especially in international calls.


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The revenue forecasts carried out in the 2008-2011 Strategic Plan for the private sector have fallen significantly, due to the current global and national economic situation. Even so, the IDeTiC maintains a share of around 7% in its private-sector revenue. The active private projects are three of the 23 totals.


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It is consolidated in this industrial activity crisis period that the main funding source of the Institute is obtained from public funds by competitive tendering, being the fund-raising percentage 92% out of the total budget and the remaining 2% is earmarked for grants and staff assistance. Although the income of public funds is below that expected, it is worth stressing that the IDeTIC maintains a ratio of revenues per Ph.D. well above the average of the ULPGC.




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If the evolution of the IDeTIC and the ULPGC activity is compared, it is observed that the IDeTIC suppose in a sustained manner between 7% and 10% of the activity of the ULPGC within the concepts of income and actions (projects, grants, infrastructure…). All this taking into account that the percentage of Ph.Ds. in comparison with the ULPGC does not reach 2%.


These results show that the profitability per Ph.D. with regard to income and actions is significantly higher at the IDeTIC than the rest of the ULPGC.



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