Business Advisory Committee (from Spanish CAEMP)

The IDeTic is a R+D University Center which carries out its activity with a strong vocation for both technology transfer and collaboration with the social and business reality of our country. In order to achieve better the necessary interweaving between University and Society, and the spirit that led us to develop our first Strategic Plan 2008-2011; we consider necessary our activity to be subjected in a voluntary basis annual periodic evaluation by a group of recognized prestige business world people which, based on their independence and professional life experience, can provide us their opinions, critiques and recommendations in order to certainly improve the daily lives of our activity.

According to this, in 2009 the Business Advisory Committee (CAEMP) was established and it held its foundational meeting. Since then, it takes place once every year.

This committee prior to each meeting gives prior complete information about our activities, lines of work, funding, evaluations, the follow-up of recommendations issued by the CAEMP in previous meetings, etc. Subsequently, in the in-person workday, the Institute activities are presented and the CAEMP members discussed all aspects considered necessary. Finally, the CAEMP, after a closed and confidential session, issues a set of recommendations for the IDeTIC. The recommendations are gathered in confidential documentation between the CAEMP and the IDeTIC management, and a final public report is generated by the CAEMP.

From the IDeTIC, we deeply thank all members of CAEMP for their participation, enthusiasm and invaluable advice and recommendations, and we are absolutely convinced that this initiative is a strategic way to improve our road, and certainly a great help to focus on our future development.