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The applicant’s profile of the Master in ICT Solutions for Welfare and Environment (BIMeTIC) requires that students have interest in Information Technology and Communications (ICT) and its application in environmental management and activity generated by their interaction with humans.


Therefore, the master is intended not only to engineers interested in applying ICT linked to welfare and environmental areas, but biologists, marine scientists, veterinarians, etc., that need ICT in their areas of work and research; and Companies and Self-employed of services in the sector of Ecology and Leisure . Depending on the applicant’s profile, there is the possibility to recognize subjects of the first semester.


The mainstreaming of content and the entrance qualifications is possible thanks to the tutoring system of each subjects of the master. This method allows covering both the most basic needs of the student and the most demanding.


The recommended degrees to access the Master’s degree BIMeTIC:

  • Engineering: telecommunication, Industrial, Computer, Electronics, etc.

  • Science: physics, marine science, veterinary, chemistry, etc.

  • Other (*)


(*) In response to student interest and profile, other degrees as economics, tourism, medicine, etc. may be considered but it is recommended o contact the responsible for the master BIMeTIC to request appropriate advice (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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