1st Meeting of CAEMP

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Fulfilling the CeTIC Strategic Plan 2008-2011, the inaugural meeting and the first working session of the Business Advisory Committee of CeTIC (CAEMP-CeTIC hereinafter) were held on 29th October 2009 at the Science and Technology Park premises of Tafira.

The Committee expressed its satisfaction with the initiative (described as brave) and the favorable opinion that is supposed by the fact that this center submits to a voluntary, self-funded external evaluation. In the light of the supplied information by the center, the committee unanimously expressed its satisfaction, both with the research activity displayed during the period to evaluate and the collaboration capacity with firms and technology institutions. In addition, the following conclusions were drawn, namely:

  • Technology transfer activity, both in projects financed by private companies and national and European collaborative projects with public-private co-funding, is highly estimated. In addition, the very low funding percentage of projects by the Canary Islands or regional administrations is highlighted, indicating the need for a greater effort of the Center. And the potentials of the Center’s activity has been verified when creating Spin-Off initiatives.

  • It is recommended that the Center has a clear business plan with strong power of persuasion, whose final objective is to achieve economic profitability, to select projects and work lines closer to the market and to make proposals attractive to potential interested companies.

  • The Committee advocates the creation of a marketing department as a cornerstone and focus of attention for the future. The need for an instrument of communication is emphasized in order to allow the company going to the Center to obtain the business plan that the company needs for the product it is interested in.

  • The main features of the Center are the following: level of organization, equipment distribution, capability to attracting at national and European level. The training, the youth of the staff and the presence of infrastructures and unique instrumentation offering a clear business opportunity. Taking into account the characteristics of the Center, its capabilities and opportunities (with heavy investments in technology, transport, telecommunications, etc.). The CeTIC is encouraged to put their capabilities at the service of the projects realization, together with the private companies.


Imagen1 CAEMP Members during the first meeting.