The IDeTiC has continued with the endeavor that has already been initiated by the CeTIC to systematize and rationalize its research projects. Therefore, application and base areas have been identified in order to cover its entire works. The application areas are four and correspond with fields that combine scientific, economic and social interest. The base areas correspond to three scientific-technological fields in which the Institute Divisions have a recognized specialization and experience level. When a project is proposed, it may be supported by one or several base areas and have different applications, as detailed in the Matrix de Research figure:


matriz investigacion 2012 small

Considering the type of project, three major categories, which put in groups the activity developed in the IDeTIC, can be defined:

  • Strategic projects: are primarily research-oriented, have typically a cross development to various Divisions, and, generally, several base areas which are united in one or several applications.

  • Specific project correspond to a base area work in which the initial idea is not developed. In such cases, the application cannot be defined a priori.

  • Technology transfer projects, and thus oriented to the Industry, correspond to mature developments. One or more divisions performed them and the application definition is fundamental.


The research and application lines more actives in the Center are the following:

  • In the Circuit and Communication subsystems base area, the study of physical layers of communications systems with application in various fields, such as aeronautics and space, home automation and security defense.

  • In the Processing of Information base area, the development of tools and basic procedures of a generic nature and the conduct of applications for health and welfare, safety (in fields such as biometrics), texts processing and translation systems.

  • In the Software Technologies for Communication base area, the development of networks, services and systems, oriented towards interest applications in tourism, leisure, and other strategic sectors such as those related to bioengineering, energy and environment or the development of applications for mobile devices.