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The intense flow in the aeronautics and airport sector is essential for the economic and social developments in the Canary Islands, what is more, it is also a great job opportunity for all those people with the appropriate professional qualification. In the last few years, Canary airports had to deal with an average of 34 million passengers per year, a 20% of the Spanish air traffic. For every 1 million of passengers 905 professional workers are required. The 25% of these professional are not people form the islands because they don’t have the chance to get a specialized qualification for this sector.

Companies from different sectors, such as airport management, air navigation or air carrier and indispensable support services like handling, logistics, facilities, equipment or aircrafts maintenance, information systems or specialized supply maintenance, search for qualified employees. Moreover, here we have to take into account the job offers which will emerge from the Plan Especial Territorial (Special Territorial Plan): on a 1,880,000 m2 area next to the airport a Parque Aeroportuario de Actividades Económicas (Airport Area for Economical Activities) is going to be established. It will necessary to have qualified professionals for these new job offers.