A2TECHS Estructure

A Master which focuses on practice and evaluation based on projects which contents are divided in three main blocks:

Basic training:

  • Introduction to Sustainable Architecture (3 ETCS)
  • Sustainable hotel models analysis (3 ETCS)
  • Technological and Information hotel Infrastructures (3 ETCS)3
  • Economic and Financial feasibility of sustainability (3 ETCS)

Specific training:

  • Scale and flexible project in hotel architecture (4,5 ETCS)
  • Technological solutions integration for tourists (4,5 ETCS)
  • Hotel management and technological applications (4,5 ETCS)
  • Architectural barriers resolutions (4,5 ETCS)

Applied training:

  • Energetic sustainability and efficiency in hotel buildings (7,5 ETCS)
  • ICT interventions for sustainability (7,5 ETC)
  • Final Master’s Project (6 ETCS)

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Description of the study plan (Spanish)


(3) Imparted in English.logo 2-400