Scientific and Technological offer

The catalog of the IDeTIC Technological and Scientific offer includes all products and services that are developed from the different Institute Divisions within the following areas: Safety and Security, Tourism and Leisure, Energy and Environment, Aeronautics and Space, Mobility and Transport, Health and welfare.

Through this catalog, the IDeTIC intends to make visible its strands of work, results and technology, demonstrating the potential of its researches as well as its strong relation and application in many aspects of real life.

It is essential to forge communication channels between the research community and businesses. Thus, this tool is meant to provide results and scientific developments in order to enable businesses to solve their industrial needs and encourage the development of new o improved products or services. This collection of business records seeks to be a tool for technological promotion that favors the communication between suppliers and purchaser of technology, in the furtherance of convergence in socio-economic interests and challenges.

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