Presentation of Master's Thesis

Monitorización y caracterización de señales biomédicas captadas con Arduino


ImagenTFM1 smallImagenTFM2 smallDate: 11 January 2016
Author: Néstor Manuel Alemán Soler
Tutors: Dr. Carlos M. Travieso González and Dr. Jesús B. Alonso Hernández



E-Health (e-Health) is the application of Information Technology and Communication (ICT) in all aspects affecting health care, including diagnosis, patient follow-up and management of the organizations involved in these activities. The e-Health systems are usually very expensive and highly difficult to handle, aside from needing a continuous maintenance. Today, the goal of the various investigations is finding a low-cost solution based on open source platforms such as Arduino.

Arduino is an electronic platform based on open hardware and software. It is used primarily for the development of multidisciplinary projects. Moreover, Libelium develops systems that are fully implemented with Arduino, as the shield of e-Health. This board consists of a series of sensors for biomedical measurements, such as oxygen saturation and pulse.

The ultimate goal of this Master's research is to use these biomedical signals for biometric identification.