Presentation of Master's Thesis

Propuesta de Arquitectura para Sistemas de Gestión de Información de Redes de Sensores sobre la Plataforma Java EE


DiagramadeArquitectura smallDate: January 2016
Author: Irael Pérez González
Tutors: Itziar Goretti Alonso González and David Sánchez Rodríguez



In recent years, continuous innovations in Information Technologies have had huge effects in development of sensors networks. Every day, the number and variety of these networks and the information that it provides grow significantly.

The need for data and metadata process management have led to the evolution of forms and general guidelines for troubleshooting problems associated with the development of computer information systems. The design of new software architectures is a complex task that requires rational and coherent integration of experience, modern technologies and advanced solutions. The design or selection of software architecture will have a huge impact on resulting product quality and cost of the project and will reduce the efforts of its developers.

This master final paper presents an architectural proposal for information management software of sensors network in the Java Enterprise Edition platform. The following article puts a high-level design for system components on view, as well as a secure, structured and flexible framework for application development and integration with other information systems. In order to achieve these objectives an analysis of the major architectures, technologies, frameworks and patterns (architectural and design) compatible with the platform and its potential contribution to the model has been carried out. Finally, the proposal is implemented in a real system responsible for managing information of oceanic sensor networks.