Presentation of Master's Thesis

Sistema móvil optimizado de evaluación de datos para entornos aislados


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Date: July 2015
Author: Juan Francisco Rivero Piedra
Tutors: Dr. Víctor A. Araña Pulido and Dr. Francisco J. Cabrera Almeida



In this work, a Wake-­up transceiver was designed. A transmission strategy that optimizes energy consumption, connection range and frequency of data evacuation was developed.

The alarm system operates at 125kHz, while data transmission takes place at the 2.4GHz band. The AMS AS3930 chip was used as the Wake-­‐up transceiver, and the TI CC2500 for the data transmission. As microcontroller system, the ATmega328 of the Arduino UNO board was selected.

For the configuration of the peripherals, reading and writing tests was studied through the SPI bus, which connected them to the microcontroller. Range tests were performed with the Wake-­‐up transceiver, and current consumption was messured in the complete system.