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Seminario día 16 de febrero de 2016

Titulo: Intelligent Technical Systems

Impartido por: Zdzisław Gosiewski

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Presentación en PDF
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Breve CV:

Prof. Zdzisław Gosiewski, PhD. DSc., graduated in Gdańsk University of Technology (1974), obtained PhD degree from Institute of Fundamental Technological Researchs, Polish Academy of Science in Warsaw (1981), and DSc from Warsaw University of Technology (1990). Worked in Koszalin University of Technology, Military Academy of Technology in Warsaw . Presently he is a head of Department on Automatics and Robotics in Bialystok University of Technology and a consultant in Aviation Institute, Warsaw. He is interested in active methods of vibrations and motion control. For vibration control prof. Gosiewski introduced different kinds of magnetic bearings for rotating machinery and piezoactuators for space (2D,3D) structures. Now, together with Department staff investigate different navigation methods for mobile robots to make them more intelligent. For example, there are prepared autonomic control algorithms for flying robots (unmaned ariel vehicles) to omit obstacles, navigate in formations.


Present development of technology (MEMS, processors, computer nets, micromechanics, composites, and so on) fastly approach us to the new intelligant systems, were some decisions are moved from human operators to the machines. With such systems are connected such slogans like: data-mining, cognitive functions, self-optimisation, redundance, reconfiguration, adaption. The collaboration of many specialists allows to design new devices which are able to react to changes in the internal state and external conditions (environment state) of the machine. An outline of the investigations under intelligence of the machines carried in Department on Automatics and Robotics, Bialystok University of Technology will be presented. They are connected with vibration and motion control. The above slogans are interpreted and confirmed by examples. The rotor supported by redundant magnetic bearings, multi-rotor helicopters with reconfiguration of control algorithms, flight of aircraft in formation, different forms of communication between machines and human beings serve as examples.

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